samedi 18 juin 2011

Castlevania Poll

Recently I've been studying the artwork from the various Castlevania games, and I've been wanting to do my own concept sketch of one of the characters. Problem is, there's so many of them :S


Which character do you think I should draw? Character with the most votes wins :D

mardi 14 juin 2011

so i found some old MGS on my computer..

Threw in an MSPaint, because before I lost my pen thats all I did with my tablet :T
So that's MGS fanart+ a color image. Red is a color. I'm working on the other requests, and boy do I have a masterpiece to show you. In the mean time I'm waiting for my shitty epson printer/scanner to stop derping. I might just buy a new one, since I just got a job. Telemarketing kills the soul.

mercredi 8 juin 2011

So, as any artist does at some(many) points in their career, I've hit another inspirational block. That is why, while you're waiting for me scanna to stop fockin aroun', I'll be taking requests. First post first serve.
So here's some of my more recent work. More to come soon.

So that's my old sketchbook...

New drawings coming as soon as my scanner gets working :D hope y'all like it , leave comments and I'll reciprocate!!

My Second Blog Post! Yay!

My First Blog Post


Well, with this first post, I baptize this space as my gallery of sketches